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Using Flash Media or Windows Media Encoder you are able to capture your audio and video signals from any device connected to your computer and then broadcast it live. Once you have installed an encoder and connected your video source, like a webcam, to your computer simply launch the Encoder. The Encoder should detect your video and audio devices.

Windows Expression Encoder – Download
This encoder is very intuitive to administer and operate on your PC. Windows Media Encoder allows you to encode from various media sources on your PC like a the web cam or a microphone and even direct from a CD player. In the case of a web cam, Windows Expression Encoder creates the streaming media (video and audio) by encoding images from the web cam and encoding sound from the microphone, and broadcasting the streaming media output on a designated port on your PC. A fairly resource hungry application so you should have a newer PC if you intend to do alternative things while broadcasting.

Flash Media Encoder – Download
Flash Media Server provides multiple delivery methods that will save considerable bandwidth costs uses less network load. This technology can help to deliver a real nice media experiences. Performance and quality have increased over the years to move Flash into the forefront of streaming media over the web. Playback quality have increased as prebuilt media players make using video easier in a very competitive market.

Flash and Windows Media Encoder Setup
Currently there are 2 main format/encoders to choose from. Select either Flash Media Encoder or Windows Expression Encoder. Both have good quality and compare quite well in the current markets.

Flash Media is considered the premier format and is used by more than 60% of all users that are involved in Live Streaming. That said and even thought Flash picks up more than ½ of the market worldwide Windows Media still has a considerable user base and is still running strong.

Learn the step by step process of Setting up the Flash Encoder.
Learn the step by step process of Setting up the Windows Media Encoder

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