Selecting a hosting company for Live Streaming can be a daunting task these days as there are quite a few elements that need to be thought about before making the final decision. Within this site we will discuss the best options for Live Webcasting Solutions as well as go through the basics of how to setup to run your events.

These days it is really not rocket science but if you are new to the streaming industry we can help you get going.

One of the things to keep in mind when researching hosting companies is what technology will I need to accomplish the actual broadcast and what information will I require after the broadcast. For instance, you may want to have a look at streaming reports to review where in the world are most of the viewers coming from for future marketing or maybe you would require technology for event management that might enable you to do things like require people to register before gaining access to the event.

You may want to charge for your event in which case you would require Pay Per View Technology from your hosting partner.

So take your time and read through to learn about the basics of the Streaming Media Industry.

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